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Coquitlam Automatic Gate Repair

More and more homeowners in the Coquitlam area are choosing to install gate systems in order to provide convenience and safety. Installing a driveway gate can help to prevent unwanted vehicles from driving up to homes or businesses and can add curb appeal to any property. As great a working gate system is, they are still prone to damage. If your gates are moving slowly or aren’t moving at all, it is time to call Knock Knock. Expert Coquitlam automatic gate repair inspects and treats structural and electrical components to ensure that systems are working as they should.

The Best Way to Repair Automatic Gates: Calling an Expert

The most common types of gates are the sliding gate and the swinging gate. You might recognize these features from the movies, but these additions are not reserved for long driveways or stately mansions. Automatic gates are becoming increasingly popular in single-family homes, as well as high traffic areas like condominiums and apartments.

The main components of an automatic gate are the access controls, openers, sensors, physical components and materials. Some of these are easier to fix than others but it can be difficult to diagnose without the right level of experience. It isn’t hard to pinpoint the biggest threat to a driveway gate: it’s cars! Even a simple ding can have a ripple effect through your gate system. Structural issues can cause gates to sag, dents can prevent proper retraction, and broken sensors can prevent remotes and openers from working.

One of the main reasons that property owners install automatic gates is the convenience. No one wants to hop out of their car during a heavy rain or to struggle through snow in order to get gates open. If your systems are moving slowly, it might be due to rust, issues with the gate motor, blocked sensors or lacking lubrication are all issues that can become worse over time. Temperatures and climates in Coquitlam can change on a dime, and that puts pressure on electrical systems and the construction materials. By making gate a maintenance a part of your routine, it is easy to keep things running smoothly, providing safety and convenience to your work or living space.

Knock Knock: The Best In Automatic Gate Replacement & Repair

The longer that gates are left to struggle, the more difficult it becomes to restore them to good working order. Regular maintenance and inspections can help to avoid the need for costly repairs and replacements. Nothing is meant to last forever and your gate is no exception. When the time does come to replace a gate, it is important to make sure that it is properly installed and tested, and a Knock Knock technician can do just that.

Knock Knock Door Repair
Knock Knock Door Repair

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Paul Mcbride

Paul Mcbride

My garage was making a horrible squeaking sound. I put it off for a while but it got loud enough to wake my kids up when I got home from work. Called Knock Knock and they were able to fix the problem quickly.

Sean Kormos

Sean Kormos

Great friendly service, high quality work. Very efficient communication. Overall a positive experience and highly recommend Knock Knock

Jessica Robbins

Jessica Robbins

The staff at Knock Knock were super helpful and informative. My garage door would start to close and then stop halfway through. I didn’t have the money to replace the door but our technician explained it was just a dirty sensor. I was so relieved! Would absolutely use again.

Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson

I can’t even tell you how frustrating it was to wake up on a Saturday morning and see that someone tried to break into my garage. The main door was severely damaged and had a significant gap. I didn’t want to leave it open over the weekend and Knock Knock were able to come out that same day and fix it.