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Maple Ridge Automatic Gate Repair

Installing an automatic gate is an investment in your property, adding curb appeal and an element of safety to any property. There is a wide range of gate styles on the market but they all have one thing in common: they need maintenance! Gates are built to withstand the elements, but they are not invincible. The experienced technicians at Knock Knock provide expert Maple Ridge automatic gate repair for both residential and commercial properties.

An outdoor gate system is always up against the elements, as well as regular wear and tear that comes along with use. Without regular care and maintenance, mechanisms will break down over time, causing gates to slow down or fail to open at all. If your system shows signs of strain, it is a good idea to call an expert to correct existing issues and prevent further damage from occurring.

Automatic Gate Maintenance: Great Results For Outdoor Gates

There are plenty of things that can go wrong with a driveway gate. All it takes is a single bump with a car to push gates off of their tracks or damage the mechanisms that keep gates moving. When you have an automatic gate, it is important to keep an eye out for both physical damage and mechanical struggles. You might be able to spot a dent or ding but for those unseen areas, it is always better to consult an expert.

Gates Don’t Open: If your gate is not opening, you might be dealing with anything from a dead remote or blocked sensor, all the way to damaged motors and more. If sensors are blocked, it might be a matter of removing debris from the area around sensors or changing out the batteries from a remote. These are easily fixed but these can also be symptoms of a much larger problem.

Squeaking Gates: All appliances make some sort of noise but when they begin to grind or squeak, it is a sign that your gate system is in need of lubrication or is beginning to develop rust. If these sounds persist, it can be a sign that there is metal on metal grinding and leading to long-lasting damage of tracks, springs and structures.

Sagging Gates: If your gate is sagging, it is off the tracks and putting additional weight on mechanisms. Over time, this additional weight can cause warping or breakage. A little bit of a bend one day can quickly turn into lurching doors and even dropping.

Regular maintenance for an automatic gate should consist of visual inspections from an expert every month, along with a visual inspection from a professional every year.

Knock Knock Door Repair
Knock Knock Door Repair

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Paul Mcbride

Paul Mcbride

My garage was making a horrible squeaking sound. I put it off for a while but it got loud enough to wake my kids up when I got home from work. Called Knock Knock and they were able to fix the problem quickly.

Sean Kormos

Sean Kormos

Great friendly service, high quality work. Very efficient communication. Overall a positive experience and highly recommend Knock Knock

Jessica Robbins

Jessica Robbins

The staff at Knock Knock were super helpful and informative. My garage door would start to close and then stop halfway through. I didn’t have the money to replace the door but our technician explained it was just a dirty sensor. I was so relieved! Would absolutely use again.

Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson

I can’t even tell you how frustrating it was to wake up on a Saturday morning and see that someone tried to break into my garage. The main door was severely damaged and had a significant gap. I didn’t want to leave it open over the weekend and Knock Knock were able to come out that same day and fix it.