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Our team of highly trained technicians understand that the condition of your exterior doors is not just about visual appeal, but safety as well. Improve curb appeal and get peace of mind with expert care for your overhead or sliding garage door needs.

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Surrey Garage Door Repair & Replacement

Surrey Garage Door Repair & Replacement

Over the course of a busy day, you likely don’t give your garage door much consideration but when they stop working, they are hard to ignore. Your garage is a storage space, an entry way and a major source of convenience, not only for households but for businesses, as well. If you begin to notice that your doors are making unusual sounds, grinding, moving slowly or are failing to open and close properly, call an expert immediately. Professional Surrey garage door repair and replacements restore functionality, ditch the risk of damage and keep your systems running smoothly.

Repairing garage doors is not the same as replacing a standard wooden front door. Anytime that there are mechanisms, electricity and wiring involved, there is a serious risk to health and safety. Taking an amateur approach to installation and repairs can lead to serious property damage, as well as the risk of injury. Knock Knock technicians are able to treat all types of garage doors around any type of property. By offering residential and commercial garage door repairs all across Surrey BC, our highly trained and experienced technicians keep homes safe and businesses functional.

When to Call For a Door Repair Service

Garage doors don’t often stop all at once. The signs of a door that is in strain can be identified by sounds, actions and sensor failure. The most common type of garage doors throughout Surrey are overhead doors. This means gravity is working against you and it is extremely important to make sure that doors are staying where they should be. A faulty torsion spring can lead to doors crashing down. Falling doors will dent hoods, damage property and can land on living things as well. Don’t take a risk when you can call Knock Knock instead.

Don’t hesitate to call Knock Knock when you begin to experience:

Garage Door Openers: Part of what makes a garage so convenient, is the ability to open doors remotely. If you find yourself hitting that open button but doors aren’t moving, it might be time to call an expert. This can be something as simple as a dead remote battery, or it may be an issue with electrical components or wiring.

Unusual Noises: If you begin to notice squealing, squeaking or grinding sounds, it is a sign that your system might be in need of lubrication or can be a sign that different components of your system are struggling. Lubricating tracks and sensitive areas is simple enough but if neglected, these can become serious issues with garage door cable or spring.

Lurching or Irregular Movements: If garage doors begin to lurch on their way up or down, or they drop down the last several inches when closing, it is a sign that your garage door springs are struggling. An improper spring repair can lead to heavy doors crashing down but a professional can reduce risk and help to avoid a DIY disaster.

Knock Knock: Expert Garage Door Services in Surrey

Consulting an expert for maintenance or repair means an overview of the various parts of your door that keep things moving. Like any household fixture, garages can become outdated. If you are struggling with a sliding door or an outdated or unappealing visual, it might be time for a garage door replacement. When managing an installation or replacement, garage doors are always better left to the pros. When you want a new physical door, or are looking for garage door opener installation, the experts at Knock Knock are here to help!

In order to avoid a small issue becoming worse, we highly recommend calling in a licensed and experienced specialist for your repairs, replacements and installations. When it comes to door repair, Surrey homeowners can rely on highly experienced technicians that are fully trained and fully insured for peace of mind, as well as great results.

Knock Knock Door Repair
Knock Knock Door Repair

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Paul Mcbride

Paul Mcbride

My garage was making a horrible squeaking sound. I put it off for a while but it got loud enough to wake my kids up when I got home from work. Called Knock Knock and they were able to fix the problem quickly.

Sean Kormos

Sean Kormos

Great friendly service, high quality work. Very efficient communication. Overall a positive experience and highly recommend Knock Knock

Jessica Robbins

Jessica Robbins

The staff at Knock Knock were super helpful and informative. My garage door would start to close and then stop halfway through. I didn’t have the money to replace the door but our technician explained it was just a dirty sensor. I was so relieved! Would absolutely use again.

Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson

I can’t even tell you how frustrating it was to wake up on a Saturday morning and see that someone tried to break into my garage. The main door was severely damaged and had a significant gap. I didn’t want to leave it open over the weekend and Knock Knock were able to come out that same day and fix it.